Abraham Wachner O.B.E.

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Abraham Wachner O.B.E..



1938 - 1941


1942 - 1950


A. Wachner came to New Zealand from Australia. Served with New Zealand forces in World War I and was wounded at Callipoli. In Invercargill had a flourishing boot and shoe retailing business, which he built up from small beginnings, dating from 1919. At 1941 council elections he topped the poll and became deputy-mayor. Because of illness of Martin he was in fact mayor before he was elected to the office on June 22, 1942. Held the office until his death in 1950. Gave a great deal of help to people in difficulties, beyond what might have been reasonably expected, and was particularly interested in the welfare of servicemen of World War II.

During World War II, Mr Wachner established the custom of opening meetings of the council with a prayer, which had been especially composed for the purpose. He was honoured with the award of O.B.E. in 1946.



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